Thursday, July 28, 2011

My day off.....

...don't you just love having a day off? I used to do all kinds of things on my day off-grocery shopping, washing floors, doing the dishes and get the picture. RIGHT? Well, I don't do that anymore. Too bad so sad... it's time to do something really important. STAMP!!! So join the stamping world and forget about the dishes, they'll be there tomorrow:)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Bug fixed

The links to my video didn't seem to work so I hope this will. The two parts are due to my 13year old daughter's directing. Since the director makes all the decisions-cuts, retakes etc. and the editor in chief (ME) could not figure out how to put the two together you have to watch it in two parts. 
I'll have a chat with my director so this does not happen again:)

Gerbera pencil tops part 1

Gerbera pencil tops part 2


Somehow the link isn't clickable. I'll fix it tomorrow. Good night everybody.

My very first video tutorial

Thank you so much for your interest in how to make the Gerbera pencil tops. Here are links for my very first video tutorial. Part1 and part2. My daughter was taping it and made a cut a I just could figura out how to merge it. it will be better next time. I promise. Thanks again:)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gerbera Pencil Tops

These flowers are super easy to make and really cute. I made these to go on your pencils. View my very first video tutorial for instructions. Thanks for visiting and HAPPY stamping:)

InColor Gerberas